note: intermediate versions not present in the beta changelog were release or not public versions

Known major issues in the latest version:
- xp12, Mac OS and GE engines specific issue, when you have soft sasl crash when transition 
from outside to inside view when engines are running.
workaround: do NOT go outside view when engines are running.

- The plane can have some random issues after activation.
workaround: Reload the simulator itself after plane activation.

- xp12, Linux specific issue when the plane fails to load with errors in the log file like this: undefined symbol: gluBuild2DMipmaps
workaround: start X-Plane with command like that: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ ./X-Plane-x86_64"

- adopted lights and screens to fit xp12 better
- fixed graphical issues of gear being in the ground
- fixed the stby altitude readout
- fixed an issue with the clicksystem, mouse protection mode click up mouse let-go
- retuned flight model, engines and fuel to fit xp12 better

- added rain effect to interior windows (xp12)
- added glow lights to cockpit lamps (xp12)
- fixed possible CTD or other weird behaviour when you have a hold in non active or MOD rte
- fixed issue when fmc pretunes ils freq even for non ils/loc approaches
- fixed LIT issues with outer glass (xp12)
- retuned the lighting ext and interior (xp12)
- retuned the reflections (xp12)
- retuned some displays/panels/lamps brt things in the cockpit (xp12)
- retuned wingflex (xp12)
- made some blind attempt to fix the issue with possible unexpected alt_hold mode after takeoff

- note: please ignore possible sim warning about the deprecated dataref (cgz_ref_to_default)
- fixed avionics issue for xp12 beta 8
- fixed cockpit floor issue in 757RF (xp12)
- fixed some lamps in cockpit that were broken (xp12)
- fixed wingflex (xp12)
- fixed standby altimeter  (xp12)
- fixed some visual bugs in the cockpit
- fixed captains chair (xp12)
- fixed landing and taxi lamps (xp12)
- fixed door lighting at night (xp12)
- fixed the ALTN lights on some FPDS buttons
- fixed engine start sound looping on outside view bug
- fixed 757 RF empty weight (xp12)
- changed apu lamp behaviour

- added glow effect to the FPDS displays (xp12)
- fixed camera position for 753 (xp12)
- fixed 3d reflections in displays (xp12)
- fixed various issues with lamps (xp12)
- fixed hovering gear (xp12)
- fixed possible steering issue (xp12)
- improved AT SPD mode behaviour (xp12)
- updated billboard effect for external lights (xp12)

- fixed some 3d issues, holes and etc in xp12
- fixed particles issues in xp12
- fixed some external lights issues in xp12
- fixed possible cabin pressurization issue in xp12
- fixed landing light animation issue in xp12

- Now it is compatible with X-Plane 12! Use separate *_xp12.acf files for X-Plane 12
- added thumbnails for xp12 for livery packages, redownload them from the store
- added glow/glare effects for FPDS display units and tune effects for other avionics variants
- added a few optimizations related to displays drawing
- added a little optimization related to graphics memory usage
- added transition level input to descent page
- fixed possible weird fuel calculation if you refuel airplane with engines running via in-sim menu
- fixed possible traffic flickering on nd, at least in several conditions
- fixed some interaction inconveniences in the tablet gui elements
- fixed some tooltips not appearing in the tablet
- fixed possible unexpected MOD header for inactive route
- fixed some bugs in route activation logic, before, it can get it messed up when cancel activation of another route
- fixed the issue when you cannot do direct-to via first line when an holding pattern is the active leg
- fixed possible wrong TOD time displaying
- fixed an issue when takeoff rwy is reset on rte page after inserting SID/RWY from departure page
- fixed when clb and des restriction and transition speeds were shared in between
- more correct map data sorting and cutting with map range
- fixed blank charts with aircraft pos displaying enabled when aircraft is out of chart boundaries
- fixed possible incorrect registering of right mouse click events under some conditions
- fixed anti-aliasing slider appearance in effects configuration page for differents plane variants
- fixed possible crash on startup related to specific audio capture devices configuration
- fixed possible case when positions of 2D windows are not correctly restored after plane startup
- fixed inverted RB color channels in Charts
- fixed taxi lights fix
- fixed ckpt flood light color
- fixed beacon position (300)
- fixed the situation when you cannot go out of direct-to sub mode on legs page
- fixed possible wrong APU OIL Temp indication
- fixed possible negative wind indication
- fixed possible going to manual nav1 during fmc autotuning
- improved usability of navigraph charts function:
    - made not scaled with the chart the airplane symbol
    - added highlighting of current chart in the list and current of pinned tabs
- as a temporary solution for long-haul pilots, to help them:
    added cruise wind input prompt to the PERF INIT page which will be taken into account for all legs in the cruise segment
- tuned min and min maneuver speeds

- fixed soft crash on selection Original avionics after FPDS
- fixed red 757 winglets at night
- fixed bus and gate config in non-cargo models

- added saving the amount of fuel between flights with option enabled "interflight data"
- FPDS: added missed MAP Centered mode
- FPDS: added missed vor from/to triangle
- FPDS: added missed tip symbols to nav source blocks
- FPDS: added optional minimums callouts (enabled by default)
- added real wind calculation, not just getting from sim weather
- removed async objects loading in attempt to fix rare CTDs
- improved GPWS logic to avoid unneeded glideslope event on takeoff
- improved engine shutdown by fuel pressure logic in abnormal spatial position
- fix info from both FMC are displayed on both ND/HSI
- FPDS: fixed vor from/to indication
- fixed vor receivers logic (sometimes you couldn't receive VOR or pure DME stations for no reasons)
- fixed wrong flaps gates
- fixed winglets
- fixed HDG SEL mode for turns more than 180 degrees

- made FLCH & VNAV_SPD ap modes sensitivity lower
- a little retuned autoland to avoid possible long landing

- added some cockpit lamps glow
- added missed yaw dumper button text
- fixed the 757-200 fuselage
- use AMD video driver >= 20.10.1 to fix displays flickering on AMD video cards

- added TERR OVRD button
- fixed problems with Cross-Feed/Fuel Balancing
- fixed cleaning EICAS Messages "AFT FUEL X-FEED"/"FWD FUEL X-FEED"
- fixed some issues in failure scenarios logic and UI
- fixed reflections of eicas displays
- fixed speed trend vector in FPDS avionics
- fixed unexpected engines shutdown on loading in-sim situations like on-approach with in-sim engines running checkbox checked
- changed brake temperature logic
- some fixes for lights and marching ants issues

- adde VHF radio info file for PilotEdge

- added violations in the air-fuel mixture in which the engine can stop if the engine igniter is not turned on: heavy rains, icing of the engine, high turbulence, low fuel pressure
- deleted an option to enable BULK Temperature EICAS displays
- turned off sound notification "warning", and light "caution" - during the "Fire detection test"
- fixed ground service objects drawing in X-Plane 11.50 (Vulkan)
- fixed lamps for fire extinguishing handles
- fixed TAI indication
- fixed radials rendering for tuned navaids and fix info
- fixed clock display
- fixed logic of heat exchanging between fuel and environment air when wing anti-ice is active
- fixed some IRS lamps and states logic

- added c-32 specific loading page and changed some weights
- fixed introduced in 2.4.1 crashes on Mac
- fixed flap maneuver speed indication

- added state saving for displays 2D windows
- added AntiAliasing (AA) slider to the tablet effects page (affects eadi, ehsi and route part for fpds displays)
- fixed TAT indication
- fixed vibration indication
- fixed rudder pos indication
- fixed cockpit interaction in case of some multi-monitor configurations (with rotational offsets applied)
- fixed bug with charts window disappearing during if other window is in dragging state

- added C-32 variant to Extended and Global packages
- added popups/popouts for EICASes and original displays
- added TO STEP CLIMB and TO E/D lines to progress page (will appear when it should)
- added TO T/D line to CRZ page (will appear when it should)
- added shutdown IRS cycle logic
- added ATT align IRS cycle logic
- added MAP flag for FPDS displays
- added scavenger pump logic
- added engine vibration logic and failures
- added an option to enable blue colored style EICAS displays
- improved step climb calculation
- improved engines vibration indication
- improved and fixed align and entering IRS pos logics
- made the magenta color calmer for original displays
- fixed incorrect warning level for the EICAS messages from IRS, AP and FMC
- fixed ISFD to use hdg from IRS in ATT mode
- fixed some graphical issues in LIT
- fixed some incorrect text in cockpit text

- fixed left adf freq displaying
- fixed rwy displaying
- fixed brt stuff for pfd/nd
- fixed std baro

- fixed degree symbols
- fix for auto/man switch, again
- redone v-speeds logic
- fixes for dh&da logic

- added data to manuals
- added correct rwy symbol to MAP
- added white box for alt target symbol when alt alert is active
- added C DCU and DCU fail flags
- added basic source switching logic for efis
- added EASTERN livery to In-Pack livery package
- improvements for 3d, antennas, winglets, beacons, pitots, RAT, etc
- fixed several button light
- fixed freighter wing lamp glass
- fixed VR mouse option support
- changed the brake hydraulic pressure logic
- made outside texture changes
- removed PA from cargo
- hdg target line now is always shown
- zero values of highest&lowest points for enhanced gpws now are shown
- update liveries to it improved 3d

- added FPDS to -300 and -RF
- fixed highest&lowest points displaying if enhanced gpws is selected
- fixed numbers depiction in old-style TERR display
- fixed possible glitches in TERR/WXR images after consequent mode changings
- fixed ground clutter depiction on WXR after changing EFIS type
- fixed terrain depiction for highest zoom if FPDS upgrade is selected
- fixed look-ahead markers depiction in TERR
- fixed WXR strange patterned output in some cases
- fixed an issue with right VHF mic transmitter not working
- fixed some warning lamp colours 
- fixed the new screens reflections 
- changed fpds dh&da limits according to a real plane

- added range rings and fd type options to FDPS
- added baro setting sync clickzones, on the right top screw of the left pfd and visa versa
- fixed soft crash with APU using
- fixed the situation when some of v-speeds can be unexpectedly blanked during input
- fixed "no terr data" when it should show terr
- fixed issues in "no mouse wheel" interaction mode
- fixed some brake related lamps logic
- fixed alt alert indication logic
- removed TA/RA flag from the displays
- made amber color more yellow
- rte data for points also displayed on PLAN mode
- fire test correction, default VHF MIC buttons changed

- added FPDS Upgrade to 757-200 (available in 757-200-FPDS version)

- decreased friction koeff in turns on the ground a bit

- added external web auth for navigraph charts
- added some messages inhibition
- fixed an "issue" with engine status
- fixed an issue with cabincall
- fixed an issue with entering symbols into cdu scratchpad when mouse is just hovering over cdu buttons

- fixed some misspelling
- added some info about new commands to the manual
- fixed HSI mode switch for non mouse wheel interaction mode
- fixed sasl soft crash on click near fuel cutoff switches and other "null" clickzones
- fixed avionics CTD when rte contains a vector leg and the next one is disco

- added more custom commands, fixed mistakes in some commands
- added an ability to correctly insert (after downselect) custom wpts (pbd, etc..) into the route on the legs page
- improved situation with calculation predicted profile through VECTOR leg
- improved the DES NOW logic
- fixed dataref in the log feature
- fixed soft crash in PA logic
- fixes for efis mode and range knobs
- fixed & positions on the Arrival page
- fixed some issues on editing non-active route
- some other fixes for click-system
- N1 should be displayed on the TO page for GE engines
- dir intc and hold at pages now can be fed by custom wpts from the route (pbd, etc...)

- fixed soft crash on IAS/MACH selector click
- fixed bank angle limiter manipulation
- fixed missing interaction zone for WX mode selector
- fixed click-spots behavior after engines type change
- fixed missing Navigraph charts

- fixed soft crash after APU start
- fixed soft crash on the MCP HDG SEL button click

- added a new metal sound
- added the ability to partially save and load cockpit configuration
- fixed possible micro stutters for Nvidia graphic cards with Threaded Optimization enabled
- fixed possible mouse lag during cockpit interaction
- fixed crash on Mac OS Mojave related to the Security settings
- fixed Navigraph login errors
- fixed checklist on the yoke
- make cockpit interaction system to work on all monitors in multi-monitor setup
- update joystick axes handling
- increased terrain database loading speed
- cleaned up the PW sounds
- refactored the cockpit interaction system

- fixed some glitches of new rain effect
- fixed wrong flaps lift after changing engines type
- fixed epr indication of 757-300 PW
- returned old rain effect as an option
- retuned ground/taxiing behavior

- fixed GPWS sounds
- made an options for rain
- made an option for screen dirt

- added new rain effect
- reworked ground idle
- improved steering
- improved idle fuel usage
- fixed a crash with navigraph
- added APU heat effect
- improved condensation effects
- fixed right wing strobe light position
- added new screenshots to the loading screen

- added some info to the manual
- added some fixes that theoretically should improve the situation with the sounds issue
- fixed acf icao codes as per icao 8643
- fixed the 300 seats shift and some knobs
- tuned and improved particle effects

- checked compatibility for xp11.30
- added custom particles
- several light fixes
- some fixes for unexpected terr radar activations on the ground
- fixed possibility of EFB full disappearing from screen
- fixed possible EFB scaling issue after modes changing
- remade the trim and made small changes to cg
- fixed the autopilot oscillation issue
- fixed the reflections in the cockpit (shift issue)
- fixed RMI needle

- added dirt on displays
- added flaps gates in VR
- fixed tcas false positives due to spawning in-sim traffic
- fixed hints on ground menu page on freighter variant
- fixed some text in tooltips
- fixed VHF radio knobs
- made tcas to show targets from some third party plugins, like x-life
- removed unnecessary log entries

- added showing plane position on navigraph charts that support such functional
- added some docking points for better compatibility with ground services
- fixed navigraph charts in VR
- fixed reseting navigraph charts page on switching efb mode (horizontal/vertical)
- fixed broken sound on some Linux distributions
- fixed the case when pop-up screens weren't visible in different multi-monitor setups
- returned an ability to toggle keyboard input mode for cdu, now by clicking on cdu screen on pop-up window

- fixed a bug in fmc with crossing 180WE or 90SN
- navigraph charts osx compatibility hopefully fixed

- added pop-out and VR functional for images charts
- added an option for yoke centering 
- fixed sasl soft crash on baro altimeters sync
- fixed the issue with GE engine limiter being OFF
- fixed outside shadow in cabin
- small menu fixes
- small vehicle location fixes
- small fixes for tutorial
- improved text fields on navigraph efb page
- improved EFB and CDU pop-out and in-window functionality (resizing, state changing)
- support paste from clipboard on navigraph efb page
- tunned nose wheel steering time
- semi-reverted to the old taxi lever style

- remade menu into an EFB
- added vertical EFB mode
- added support for navigraph charts and an appropriate page into EFB
- added EFB pop-out functionality
- added CDU pop-out functionality
- added full VR compatibility for all pop-outs
- improved in-sim menu
- moved checklists into the EFB
- fixed some bugs in vnav phase switching logic that could cause the plane doesn't climb

- fixed unexpected clearing active rte on the ground

- fixed corrupted aircraft state caused by specific hardware setup

- fixed landing gear door opening on hydraulic fluid pressure drop
- fixed the right fuel cutoff switch clickability on complex click modes
- fixed fmc CTD in some complex situations during using dep/arr CDU pages
- fixed DSPLY CDU warn light conditions
- fixed condition for leaving VNAV_PTH during APPR phase

- fixed the lighting being on all the time
- fixed the UPS livery
- fixed the pushback control in VR
- changed the tiller control 
- fixed a bug in PA messages 
- fixed a minor marching ants bug
- fixed gear mismatch warning bug
- fixed random failures - working again

- made additions to the manual
- fixed bug with soft sasl crash on air cond disc
- fixed bug with soft sasl crash on vr test page
- fixed native VR mode issue in 757-F
- fixed bug with lights being always on

- Implemented full comparability with HTC VIVE and added the appropriate test page data
- Implemented a new failure scenario system - allows one to build large scale scenarios with failures events
- The CDU FIX page has been improved, now you can enter both: brg and dist at the same time to draw both things on the ND, circle and radial at the same time
- Added support of loading co-routes in ICAO format, see the manual for details
- implemented missed ADI&HSI options
- fixed the issues with tiller and pedal algorithms
- implemented rising runway option
- made changes to 3d lighting in the cockpit
- tunned the autothrottle to bring it closer to reality 
- added custom gear sequencing, now fully custom and close to reality 
- made some minor graphical changes to the exterior 
- fixed the issue with autoland nosewheel
- made some changes to the in-cockpit sounds (more 3d)
- improved pos update logic (dead reckoning)
- improved vnav profile calculation stability
- fixed tilt indication on EHSI
- Remote CDU: Fixed double-entering symbols by one touch on Android devices.
- Remote CDU: Fixed rendering the square symbol as emoji on mobile devices.

- added additional native XP VR control to some levers (flap, speedbrake)
- removed full glue mode - not useful
- added a trigger only control mode
- changed the sensitivity settings for throttle 

- made changes to VR comannds - READ MANUAL!
- fixed text lighting on MCP
- fixed some lighting
- create a VR test page to test VR config
- change some VR commands to simplify the usage
- added spacial controls for reverse (press double-click or spacial key)
- added pushback controls in VR
- fixed some issues with pushback
- fixed default position in vr

- added vehicles back
- graphical fixes in the cockpit
- nav light fixed
- cabin door fixed
- nose wheel steering fix

- added VR compatibility! 
- implemented new lighting technology in the cockpit
- made several visual and texture fixes
- added new vehicles
- fixed elevator animation 
- added plane loading and unloading on command
- made it so the spoiler shacking effect is now dependent on SHAKE ON TURB checkbox
- made available direct-to via the first line in legs in non original variants
- resolved the remote CDU problem with emojies on mobile devices
- fixed double clicking in the remote CDU on android devices
- added an ability to control nose wheel from the cockpit lever

- boarding door fix
- exhaust gas colour fix
- fixed a small bug with cargo version weight
- fixed the 753 beacon
- fixed a bug with disappearing ELC and EEC buttons on fuel pump off
- trimmer mouse wheel control fix
- power back is now possible again
- made the start sound quiter - to match the engine idle
- EGT limiter on high OAT GA fixed
- fixed x-plane hanging when you use the fix page during your fpl has DISCOs
- corrected brakes for xp11.10
- improved flch ap mode logic and reengaging at logic
- made some things for better integration with the VoiceCommander profiles by sloboda.

- fixed the issue with volume jumping to zero
- fixed an issue with engine controller behaving incorrectly after an engine change
- fixed an issue with BetterPushback rocking back and forth 
- fixed an issue with inversed stab animation
- fixed the 300 door location (extended only)
- add 300 and cargo to the livery packs
- fixed misspelling in the cockpit
- added higher realism level requirement for hung start

- Fixed some reflections in the cockpit
- More marching ants fixes
- Cabin strange shadow fixes
- Speedbrake sound changed

- fixed the APU start issue (only xp11)
- fixed the rudder inversion issue in 300 model (only xp11)
- retuned rudder max deflection, yaw dumper and rollout mode (only xp11)
- fixed the metalness issue (only xp11)

- quick fix for cold and dark issue

- now the epr reference calculation is real-time for all TMC thrust modes
- fixed a bug with invisible engines from the cabin
- removed parkbrake when starting in mid air
- implemented a more complicated ELT
- improved engine controller algorithms

- another possibly fix for the hdg jumping issue while switched from hdg hold to hdg select on the first takeoff
- finetunning of the engine controller 
- remade the way the controller predicts EPR
- added ELC functionality
- added an option for 8.33Khz radio
- added automatic tiller support
- added the missing messages to cargo version loading 
- added poster to the cargo version lavatory 
- fixed the pushback in xp11
- fixed an issue with yaw damper rapid pedal movement
- fixed an issue with cargo version empty weight
- fixed the CTD on DES page due to buffer overrun

- fixed an issue with the door being unlocked by default
- fixed the rotating beacon
- made minor changes to AT
- tuned the xp10 300PW engines
- fixed the open door lighting issue (as well as possible)
- fixed (added) shaking on spoiler extension 
- fixed a bug with in-flight start envelope appearing in idle descent
- possibly a fix for the hdg jumping issue while switched from hdg hold to hdg select

- moved the right cdu default position to the right side
- changed the APU start sequence 
- possibly fixed an intermittent hydraulic failure
- added cargo crew cabin
- retuned the brakes to better fit pilot reports
- changed the yoke reflectivity in xp11

- fixed a couple small bugs in afds logic
- a little fix for tod calculation
- added support for tuneNav and tuneAdf buttons in the map window (only xp11)
- many 3d fixes for holes and other inconsistencies 
- 757-300 sound fix
- added OFF tooltips
- fixed EGT issue for 300s
- fixed the issue with fuel change through XP menu and other external systems
- fixed XP10 EICAS aileron indication issue

- added -300 and -RF models as this version is the extension pack version
- remade the aircarft cabin, all new 3d model and graphics
- remade all the cockpit markings 
- added new panel fonts
- added new cockpit lamps with new effects
- added new cockpit graphics effects optimized for xp11 (only xp11)
- tuned flaps retraction/extension speeds - much closer to reality
- new EGT, N2, N3 model (only xp11)
- tuned the start procedure and params (only xp11)
- added engine effects (e.g. de-ice) (only xp11)
- added new engine algorithms optimized for xp11 (only xp11)
- added new brakes algorithms optimized for xp11 (only xp11)
- fixed a crash on startup in case of ReShade usage
- added optional update dialog on startup
- tuned the wingflex
- tuned the gear and flt controls drag (only xp11)
- tuned the plane controlability (only xp11)
- added flexability to co-routes storage locations
- the yaw dumper is alive again (only xp11)
- now, the a/t disc button disables the a/t warning if it is pressed twice, as it should
- a couple of small fixes for step climb calculation and the clb_dir function

- fixed the "2*pi" problem
- another fix for the wing lights floating issue
- added compatability with the BetterPushback (requires the BetterPushback version 0.29 or higer)
- fixes for problems with mouse wheel in some interaction modes

- fixed the wing lights floating issue
- fixed the xp11 tail and wing lighting issue
- fixed the left flap animation issue

- fixed an issue when you cannot unpause the sim after autopause on T/D function in xp11
- some fixes for speedbrake autodeployment logic
- added checklists that have been modified for you to use in the single pilot situation (
- improved wingflex

- fixed the multimonitor issue
- improved holds
- fixed the right VOR receiver (in some situations it could give a wrong position of the tuned navaid)
- added GPS as an option in the avionics menu page
- some corrections of IRS allignment logic for situations when the plane is moving
- fixed the issue when some waypoints could unexpectedly disappear from fpl 
- changed the way charts are searched for, hopefully a fix for intermitant win 10 issue
- fixed command descriptions
- changed fuel balacing speed
- added an option to the loading dialog
- changed the way mouse wheel bahaves on clickzones without mouse wheel usage

- fixed the RR engine issue introduced in 2.0.22
- fixed a minor issue with MCP SPD indication in mach 

- hot (not final) fix for xp11 engine model (idle issue and e.t.c.) (from now on - separate acf files for xp11)
- hot (not final) fix for AT oscilation issue in xp11 (from now on - separate acf files for xp11)
- fixed inserting procedures into RTE2

- fixed a CTD on unix systems during working with dep/arr

- fixed the bug when the GA switch doesn't engage the AFDS when it should
- added a couple of new avionics options for EADI (ra alerts and ils dev warn)
- some fixes to reflections
- fixed an issue with epr jumps during changing AT modes
- added new FoV defaults

- fixed unexpected losing valid lnav guidance after the fmc advances the active leg during you are editing a route (inserting a STAR for example)
- fixed logic of INIT REF functional button
- fixed logic of showing ILS info on the approach ref page
- improved logic of AT's modes autoengagement
- improved vnav guidance in descent segment during turbulence
- fixed the bug on the rte page when you cannot continue to edit a rte after some pilot errors or deleting points or airways
- fixed lnav guidance for direct-to approache wpts
- fixed lnav guidance for legs between an approach segment and an approach trans segment or the other route segments
- improved logic of entering custom wpts on the legs page
- added ability to enter along route custom wpts on the legs page
- fixed wind indication on the pos report page
- improved tcas to inhibit some its alerts (including aural) in specific situations
- implemented correct downselect pbd, pbpb and along rte custom waypoints on the legs page
- reworked dep/arr index, departure and arrivals pages, now they are closer to real life
- reworked logic of the deparr functional button, now it is closer to real life
- fixed the elapsed time selector on clocks

- fixed discinnecting ap by the elec stab trim Up switch
- fixed zlib linkage issue for linux
- fixed issue with X-Plane user interface cut (xp11 only)
- fixed a low volume engine sound bug
- fixed the missing L ECC clickzone

- added a new splashscreen (xp11 only)
- added did you know popups on start (xp11 only)
- added the ability to save airplane specific options from the effects page

2.0.15 xp11 compatibility
- added xp11 simple compatibility
- fixed logic of deleting v-speeds on the takeoff page
- corrected the label text for the epr line on the takeoff page in d-to case
- automatic resetup of the fmc position to rwy position, works also by the THR/EPR mcp button
- added an ability to enter flaps 1 for takeoff on the takeoff page
- fixed a bug when the fmc doesn't go into des mode when it should in some situations
- now cmd disconnects when the pilot uses electric pitch trim switches and only one cmd is engaged
- fixes for the flight number and co-route lines in the rte page
- fixed a visual bug with the select on/off ref v-speeds line on the takeoff page
- added a rollback navdatabase shipping with the plane 
- fixed a bug with the top x-plane menu disappearing 
- added PTU logic and sound
- added EEC buttons and functionality to RR engine type
- fixed an issue with high altitude pressure 
- added roll coef of friction 
- minor fixes for the fire alert system
- added trafic-trafic sound
- fixes to RAT logic in maitenance 
- minor cockpit visual fixes
- fixed a bug with MCP mach number display
- tuned cockpit reflectoins for xp11 usage

- added a little "egg"
- a little reworked tcas indication on the hsi
- some fixes for the unexpected unable next alt message
- fixed the stab oscilation bug

- some fixes for unexpected NO ACTIVE ROUTE message
- returned vref promt on the approach page for all configurations
- fixed hard walls
- fixed menu bug with double line "charts"
- fixed the hydraulic system bug (the system was always on basically)
- tunned the flap lift
- tunned the N1
- fixed numerious bugs reported on the forum (3d, texture, sounds)
- tunned air jet sound power
- fixed some wrong logic of waypoint management on the fix page

- fixed vnav guidance for rnav approaches (remember, the plane has not gps for now)
- fixed unexpected eating legs during approaches
- fixes for texturing
- a little retuned wingflex
- added yoke movement during ap is in command
- fixed some issues with VTM (remember, it is designed to work only during day, not night.)

- fixed minor issues with checklist
- fixed some issues with VTM
- fixed a CTD during inserting a wpt at after-last position in the legs page

- added some 3d and textural fixes to the cockpit
- new instruments texture
- updated the docs
- some fixes for thrust mode switching logic
- fixed wrong hold info in the legs page
- fixes for logic of inserting/removing holds in the legs page
- corrections for logic of inserting/removing wpts at last and at after-last positions
- fixed unexpected "end of route" when trying to fly a hold, but the hold is the last wpt in the route
- remade tutorial checklist
- added the VMT checkbox to the checklists for visual mode tutorial

- all kind of 3d fixes
- checklist fixed
- fire allarm duration fixed
- EICAS dim issue fixed
- made new config screen and option
- new instruments texture
- some corrections for leg shifting logic
- tuned the autoland
- corrections for position update logic of the toga button

- fixed small oscilation at low speed
- small cockpit fixes (marching ants etc.)
- new instruments texture
- fixed the on-touchdown autobake disonnect issue
- fixed the start issue on high challange
- fixed the inability to change target speed on the clb&crz&des pages when the ap's vnav mode is not active
- fixed des segment calculation for cruize levels which is equal or less than 5000 feet.
- decreased false positives of the UNABLE CRZ ALT message for short flights

- fix the non working cutoff switches
- fixed the revision issue