** Changelog **

* cabin visual improvements: shadows and geometry
* dimmed cabin floor light stripe 
* VSW stuck and not moving
* overspeed protection too agressive
* missed doors in xp11 version
* missed internal lights in cockpit and cabin in xp11 version

* display output via output.cfg framerate configurating

* FPS drops dramatically when using several displays via output.cfg
* fixed manual rudder trim for 'active mouse wheel'
* fixed cabin seats LODs and geometry

* Simbrief integration (through INIT REQUEST)
* Icing effects
* Anti-ice system
* Sharklets
* Dual input and sidestick priority logic
* significant improvement of flightplan calculation performance
* ALTERNATE LAW pitch control made independent from ADR
* added STALL warning
* new cabin 3d-model  
* updated manual

* incorrect prebuilt holdings pattern
* Go-Around procedure issues
* incorrect prebuilt hold entries
* go-around procedure activation
* dublicate markers on flight path when close to MAP
* engine inlet turbulence effect behind engines
* pitch control too limited by pitch rate and g-load in normal and alternate law
* Overspeed protection
* fixed standard weight and balance configuration (from xplane menu)
* fixed default weight and centering
* incorrect payload and CHECK GW message after takeoff
* EFB interaction in alternative input system  (active mouse wheel and so on)
* different drag controls in alternative input system (levers, tiller, e.t.c)
* EFIS BARO knob pull for 'active mouse wheel' input
* fixed annunciators and lamps brightness and saturation with different lightning and time of day
* fixed lamps (forexample APC lamps and A/THR)
* transparent displays at evening and night 

1.5.0 BETA
* new 3D-cockpit model
* new aircraft exterior model
* Alternate Law implementation
* updated Normal Law elevator controls
* added inoperative systems according to FCOM when failure occurs
* autopilot yaw damper for single engine failure
* added tab for instant failure activation
* added native rain-effect support
* added turbulence effects
* added drag effect from opened gear doors
* Beta Target goes in wrong direction
* pump single systems are not displayed when DUAL HYD FAIL
* Autobrake function must be inoperative on G system lo pressure

* DIR TO/ABEAM function
* rudder trimm bindings for hardware
* restored BROWSER tab for cockpit EFB
* fixed GND CTRL ON light behavior
* fixed ILS not capturing on some airports

* cockpit EFB for MacOS Monterey
* DIR-TO intercept mode
* output.cfg for multiple monitors under Vulcan
* cannot build path for DIR-TO to nearest flightplan point
* arc from HOLD exit to next leg not build when HOLD at PPOS

* huge optimization for better overral FPS
* better EFB performance 
* HOLDs full functionality
* implemented PROG REPORT page
* added house liveries
* EFIS Baro mode sync
* RAD NAV page save/load
* added possibility to enter a DIST in OTHER ALTN to get preliminary fuel predictions
* flight controls tuning 
* INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): ALT/TIME value computes for selected ALT airport
* INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): New s-pad messages were added
* Stored waypoints limitation has increased to 40
* fixed flight plan sequencing with holding patterns on arrival or go-around route
* DIR-TO page contains identical points if holding pattern ahead
* T-P position is not continuously updated on temporary flight plan
* plane sometimes freezes when using EFB in external browser
* INIT A - ground temperature isn't selectable. There wasn't a possibility to enter ground temperature manually. Automatic ground calculation according to airport height.
* PROG page Required accuracy had no posibilitty to be entered manually
* INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the MIN DEST FOB cannot be erased or changed
* INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): the ALTN-Fuel stays empty and isn't being calculated by the MCDU. Also cannot be entered or erased manually
* INIT B page (and FUEL PRED): EXTRA-fuel value isn't correct computed
* Airways page is scrollable. Insert and erase buttons don't appear at last line
* SEC doesnt not take pitch control when ELAC is not engaged
* returned X-RAAS win.xpl

* restored A320 functioning for MacOS Monterey by disabling cockpit EFB
* for other OSes added possibility to switchoff cockpit EFB if necessary

* manual PA selection tab in EFB
* magnetic variation not taken in account in FixInfo
* wrong estimate time on FixInfo page
* crash because of TCAS with many planes
* TCAS traffic not filtered by selector
* TCAS shows traffic if STBY mode selected
* blank screen EFB on MacOS
* landing lights datarefs blinking
* crash after PPOS->ARRIVAL click after touchdown and go-around

* FIX INFO page completed
* TCAS new implementation (single threat)
* MAC binaries signed and notarized
* EFIS Baro selector synchronization option
* spoilers half position in Cold&Dark state
* SVCE INT OVRD button always ON
* Several Clock issues (year, setting values)

* some performance optimization
* panel hotkeys now are optional in EFB
* fixed axis curves input
* SpeedBrake binded key fix
* arming SpeedBrake in VR
* fixed crash after clicking HOLD button on point just before PPOS
* get rid of artifacts when using RainEffect on OpenGL

* XPlane crash when CEF installed on MAC OS

* impoved winshield reflections on Vulcan
* removed lua log flood 

* TCA Airbus Quadrant support

* crash on 1st gen Intel Core, Xeons and old AMD
* APU bleed altitude limitations
* windshield reflections
* spoilers lever dataref

* Vulcan graphic driver support

* saving and restoring popoput panels layout
* saving reflection effect setting
* spring loaded INT/RAD switch
* joystick axes curvers and beta/reverse support


* Inoperable EFB in some cases
* Different multi-monitor panels and render issues
* Rudder trim stuck after -20deg
* Render in OGL mode on X-Plane 11.50
* AMU CAB light flash
* ISIS position saving
* Hiding panels by click on 2D and 3D cockpit panels
* Increased takeoff and taxi lights intensity
* APU start in flight after dual engine failure
* Saving standard and popout panels configuration
* Panels resizeing
* Possible windows positioning out of visible area
* Multi-monitor support for different cockpit interaction modes
* Keyboard input into EFB in 2D window mode
* Auto CabinReady set in the begining of running before takeoff
* Multi-monitor configurations support
* Windows resize in pop-out mode
* Applying X-Plane UI scaling for new windows


* Fixed pop up windows and mouse input in scaled interface

- Failures scenarios editor added
- CARGO HEAT and CARGO SMOKE panels functionality
- CVR panel interaction
- all variables in publish.txt available for writing by default
- Pop-out 2D windows
- Added particle effects

- Fixed datarefs export via publish.txt file
- Fixed broken failures conditions
- Do not advice to shutdown second engine when first engine is on fire
- Fixed failures reset button
- Fixed xEnviro related radar crash
- fixed overhead buttons textures
- reduced rudder pedals motion
- various ND and PFD fixes
- thrust levers mouse drag fix
- publish.txt fixed on mac
- fixed MouseHandler crash on macOS
- fixed degrade to direct low after switching IR1 off
- added ClockSet command
- fixed crash after starting new flight when A320U already loaded
- reduced ROSE VOR deviation scale on ND
- some visual fixes in ASU
- fixed Oxy mask test button click zone
- fixed bug with throttle jumped to 30% after reverser button
- removed awfull noise after aircraft reload
- fixed thrust lever position in cold state
- fixed crash on AMD Ryzen processors
- RF legs strung in RNAV approaches


- Improved CPU usage on MAC
- Fixed clicks in VR mode
- Fixed communication with activation server
- Removed all spaces from the commands list and renewed the commands.txt file

- Weather radar added
- CIDS: added Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) to EFB
- CIDS: cabin and galley illumination control from FAP
- CIDS: cabin ready function
- CIDS: temperature control from FAP
- CIDS: cabin and mech calls, interphone, PA announcements and audio management
- CIDS: EVAC function
- Emergency lighting


- Fixed error with green screens
- Fixed bug with pitch trimm command


- Radio tune knob fix
- Fixed bug with blue spots on indicators and controls on MacOs
- Fixed logic when outer tank is empty (caused bug in temperature value)
- Fixes faults messages
- Fixed default position of some switches according to real life position in that situation
- MCDU: Fixed logic on INIT A with engine running (left right arrow now redirects to FUEL PRED PAGE) 
- MCDU: INIT A page is now available in flight; some changes in logic based on airborne/ground logic
- MCDU: fixes in secondary flight plan init
- MCDU: fixed logic of entering CRZ FLT LVL
- MCDU: fixed appearing/disappearing of some messages and scratchpad clearing
- MCDU: fixes in DIR-TO page (ABEAM / w/o ABEAM logic)
- SD: Fixed Positioning of Status and added missing elements of clean STS Page
- PFD: some cosmetic fixes
- Changed MAX altitude to FL398 for flight plan
- Fixed logo/wings lights
- Various texture fixes

- Emergency crew oxygen system (controls, indications, stowage boxes and mask test)
- Emergency passengers oxygen system (indicators and controls)
- Added an alternative input sistem (FlightFactor standard)
- Added VR compatability with two modes
- Added a dataref for each action in cockpit that can be both monitored and written
- added datarefs and command lists
- added datarefs publishing system for 3rd party
- Added commands to ALL functions in the cockpit that can be used on hardware
- Added Predictive GPS Page with basic input logic
- Cockpit door locking system
- Fade-in for sound when airplane initializing
- Versions compatible states (no need to recreate states after airplane upgrade)
- Updated service vihicles 
- Added lightening for overhead, FCU and EFIS knobs

no changelog was provided before this version